Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My side of the bed

The darkness and me once again. Early, I'm not sure what time it is. As I have time to sit and think, my side of the bed beckons me. My side, next to my beloved. I long to be next to him and smell the familiar smell of his skin. I make my way in the dark and know exactly where I'm going. I've made this trip, to my side of the bed, for almost 18 years. I reach in and pull the covers back and he instantly takes me in. No questions, no need, we are as familiar as the sun to the morning, to each other but with newness everyday.

He wraps his arm around me and holds me with such stongness. I forget I'm his sometimes. I so often feel like everyone else's but I was made for him. His hands touch my skin and I remember. Do I get so busy that I forget? I must have. I love being his. I love my name on his lips.

I love the way I know that he will always welcome me.

I love my side of the bed.

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Anonymous said...

Robin, I love how more times than I can even count how much we are alike....this reminds me so much of me doing this same thing with Rich! Just the other night...even last night....that is so cool how we and our children are so much alike! I love you girl!
Much Love,
Michael :)


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