Sunday, November 8, 2009

What a table holds

The sun shining through my curtains
cereal bowls lined up and down my wooden table.
Will they remember my table. The table of laughter and devotion.
The table that is either being set or cleaned.
The table that carries our conversations
that are by far some of the most important in our home.
The brown eyes that look at me from every available chair from my small table
is such a beautiful sight.
It could be bigger and as the boys grow and the girls come to share our table I'm sure this one will be replaced with a larger one
but right now, the fullness of this small wooden table, pulls me in and invites me to sit
and talk with my children.
Their elbows touching and their feet dangling above the floor. I look under
to see many toes and as they swing back and forth under my table
I know this is a great season.

No hurry to move on to the next thing.

Just breathing it in and hoping I'm not the first to leave.

Laughter and tears have spilled out over this table in the past few months.

Stains I can't and won't try to get up as I think about the tears that fell like fat

rain-drops as we shared our daily bread when we lost William
although none of us felt much like eating.

We talked about William
and heaven alot then. We poured our whys out over the table as Scott

tried to explain to us God's plan and how His ways are
always better.
Bitter morsels but food we had to eat and be thankful for.

The joy I remember the first night the girls sat in our arms around our table.

No-one wanting to eat much then either. Everyone gazing at the gifts that were unexpectedly layed out before us.Hands held around our table as we gave our Thanks.
It's as if the Lord layed manna on our starving hearts when He
so graciously gave us the girls.
Sweet Morsels easy to swallow and so Thankful
Remembering Scott's words that His plans are always better.
Learning to be content in all things
but right now this morning
my table
my heart
my cup
Thank you Lord for the fullness of this day


Titus2Mom said...

That is SO sweet Mrs. W! That was such a sweet poem.

Shonni said...

That is soooo beautiful!!!

bbmommy2 said...

Lovely poem!

So, who is the awesome photographer in your house? They take very beautiful photographs.

I loved this picture with the light shining onto the table with all the little hands. Also, the one of Taylor's new shoes. The little feet are precious too. I'm trying to train my eye for better picture taking. ;)



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