Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Can we walk away from the pursuit of happiness

He lived a plain life.
He came from a plain, poor family.
Messed up relationships in those families.
He had people that didn't understand him.
He watched as his mom had to suffer the death of a child.
He taught like I teach, I wonder if like me, He wondered if
His disciples ever "got it". He seemed to repeat himself alot..:)
He welcomed little children in His lap.
He forgave.
He had friends who betrayed Him and He still kept loving.
He didn't go boil some drug to calm His nerves, He kept on
because He knew that what He was doing was hard work, but
it was a work He alone could do.
He couldn't pay someone else to do it.
I wonder if He ever looked heavenward and said
"Could you make all of this better?"
Do I believe He wants me to be happy?
Yes, but do I believe my happiness is His top priority?
I want Him to make my life painless but it hasn't been without pain.
His letters to me tell me to have joy and contentment in all things.
Some of the most incredible people I have met are not the richest or prettiest,
but the ones that have lost much and are still able to serve others on the other side.\
Still able to be happy inspite of
There's alot of people who spout knowledge and I appreciate that, but the ones that
inspire me are the ones that have lived through it and are on the other side still praising the
Lord. They seem to have a brokenness to them. They seem to know their place.
To know that their desires didn't win out
they suffered and lived to tell about it
To know our place.
That our happiness and our desires
may not be His desires.
He's not going to fix it all for us just because we're His children.
Sometimes walking through it will make us better.
More loving, more caring, more empathic....
Things you can't buy.
I often laugh because I tell people I love finding ways to make my children work more.
It's the truth, when they have to work hard, when they have to work
long, it builds their character.
As parents we need to make sure our children know
their happiness is not what should drive them.
"When I get a new car, I'll be happy" yeah, until it breaks down...
"When I get married, then I'll be happy" yeah, until you realize he's a sinner, just like you...
"If I was 50lbs lighter, then I would be happy " nope. not going to happen..
"When God gives me more children, then I'll be happy"
you and I will not be happy
until our happiness comes from Him
and our desires are not our own
but His desires
How we can help our kids learn this?
make them work
from the youngest to the oldest
let them cook
clean up
take care of little ones
burp babies
change diapers
clean bathrooms


feed animals

cut grass

change sheets
make them work until they don't complain
day after day

teach them that work is a way of life
if they try and get out of it

give them more..

Help them to die to self early.

We have to teach our children
that they will find much happiness in

work if they do it to please God.

If they are constantly trying to get out of work

they will never, ever be happy because their selfishness

will win out and they will become lazy bums who expect the world

to do it for them.
There I said it.
So my pursuit of happiness has not always been happy

It makes me realize my place

who I am

daughter to a humble King who came to serve, not be served.

who came from a dysfunctional family and turned out great!I'm glad about this one!


King who didn't complain about His job
or his circumstances

He just did it and did it well, I might add.


Titus2Mom said...

So sweet and true. Great job!

smallseven said...

Wow, so convicting, and so right on, Robin! Lord help me and mine, help us all get there!


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