Thursday, November 5, 2009

Her Shoes

Her shoes are just a reflection of who she is.

Carefree yet comfortable.

She works hard.

When she gets tired she gets silly, almost to the point of being hilarious.

She loves to window shop and dream about her future house.

Her forgiving spirit inspires me to forgive.

Her helpful attitude makes me want to help.

Her love for her daddy

makes me love her daddy more.

My Sweet Taylor



I'm thankful for you!

Thanks to Taylor for posing in her new shoes...


Olivia said...

I still love her red shoes most! :O)

bbmommy2 said...

I remember being a daydreamer at that age. I too, would day dream about a home and family of my own.

She seems like a precious daughter. I read your words and day dream about my daughter growing up and the friendship we will share. We are friends now too, but you know what I mean. Right now, I love her three year old self and the hilarious little character she can be. The other day we were on a nature walk beside our neighbors land, Gracie yells out "look bubba a Honkey" (it was a donkey). My son and I cracked up, it was so cute. I love that she is still learning what things are called. I'm so gonna miss her not being a toddler. I know that's why "quiverful" families have many children. They are so precious at every stage of life and you miss the years of little ones. I hope we are able to have another. If it be the Lord's will.

Sorry to take up so much of your blog today. I enjoy reading here. You have helped me open my eyes and embrace being a good mother to my children. I've always loved being a mom, but (I have learned from you) to never take one moment for granted. To put a smile on my face every morning because it is so important, that they see me loving being their mama.

I wish I lived near you (Kelly and Kathy). I would so love the friendship of ladies like yourselves.

BTW, love Taylor's cutie shoes. They look comfy and classic. Where ever did she find them?

With Love, Brandi


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