Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Thanksgiving to remember

  • Last year I was pregnant with William.
    This year I have two beautiful daughters.
    The year has been difficult. I have faced many trials emotionally
    and spiritually, but He drew me in.
    He kept me from being overwhelmed
    in the midst of the largest storm of my life.
    He breathed for me on the night
    we lost William and He whispered "I'm here" all along the way.
    He knew that two little girls would
    need my love and our home.
    I didn't
    He knew all along.
    As I talked with a dear friend who has a broken heart
    I told her that He knows.
    Trust Him
    Believe in Him more when your faith is less.
    Whisper His promises
    Sing His songs
    Write a Thankful list
    Be Thankful
    I know that sounds easy enough
    but in the storm it's hard to be
    thankful for rain when you feel like your drowning in it.
    Trials will come to all of God's children
    It's not because you didn't "pray enough" or "trust enough".
    So many people have the attitude that God loves
    them more because He blesses them with more children or more money
    and that is simply not the truth.
    I remember not long after William died
    I heard someone say to someone else "God must really love you because
    it's so easy for you to get pregnant, He blesses you with children so you must be blessed."
    I cried because I thought " God loves me! How can they say that?"
    Does He love you more and me less because William died or because I can't get pregnant?
    of course not
    There are Christians that pray so hard for a baby
    and yet God says no because He can be glorified more by not giving them a baby.
    We have to be so careful in our speech because just because God gives you children or money or
    great health it's because of His providence for you right now.
    Give Him glory not yourself.
    William died not because God was trying to teach me a lesson
    or because He loved someone more and didn't want to put them through the was because He could be Glorified More
    through William's death.
    In His Providence he allowed the girls to
    be apart of our family, not because He loved us more but
    because He would be Glorified more with them here.
    Some of us may have
    prodigals ,cancer
    a husband who just doesn't get it, no money no friends a broken heart. A hard life

We need to make sure that we give God glory during
all times good and bad.
Are all of our days not numbered and laid out by our Father?
He could change it all if He wanted to.
We should rest in His will for our life.
This Thanksgiving season I can say
I'm thankful that the Lord took William
on to heaven.
He is not just a part of my past
but now he is a part of my
future as well.
So if something good happens in your life say
To God be the glory
When something bad happens say
To God be the glory
Give all praise and glory to our Father
in heaven.....and Glorify His name


bbmommy2 said...

Well said!

Happy Thanksgiving to all,


smallseven said...

Wow, Robin you are SO right! We need to all keep that perspective! It's all about bringing glory to Him, isn't it? It's SO easy to get caught up in our own will and desires that we lose our focus! Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Yes. And a thoughtful, hearty, introspective "amen." Thanks for this post Robin.

Tanya said...


Beautiful Mess said...

THIS was amazing!

Thank you!! said...

What wisdom my Dear Friend!

Anonymous said...

I came to the same realization as to why we lost our Zachary. We were lead to foster care and are now in the process of adopting a sibling group of 7.


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