Thursday, August 13, 2009

A little adoption news

I hesitate to get excited. I know that part of trusting the Lord is trusting His timing and sometimes His timing is not our own.We continue to live this out first hand.
For the past two months or so we have been getting together more paper work for our adoption agency. (If you have never adopted it should be illegal at how many hoops you have to jump through) paper work hoops that is.
We have also added an agency to help us find the perfect baby for our family. We have been in hold mode for at least a month now because of some paper work that didn't get sent out.
I got an email yesterday that confirmed we were ready our paper work came in..a few weeks earlier than expected..Thank you Lord.
I called our 2nd adoption agency and told her and she was VERY excited.. She told me to get our paper work to her asap and then she would go through it and make sure we have everything and she would contact us very soon for several situations coming up.

I hesitate..My heart hesitates.....My thoughts do not...
I find myself wondering off into baby land..Wondering if in fact we'll be chosen by a birth-mom and then at the last moment be told no..Is there a danger that this could happen.Yeah!
So my heart screams No..don't do this....Don't let yourself get hurt, don't let your kids get hurt.
But....The Lord reminds me that his plans are not my plans..and that I can trust Him.

Could there be a baby in our near future?
I pray with confidence but I come before my Father with a bruised and battered heart and say "not my will but Your will be done"

Please pray with us and for us that the perfect addition to this crazy family will soon be found..


Titus2Mom said...

We are praying so hard for you guys!!! Just remember somewhere out there God has a baby who's last name is White just for you guys!!

bbmommy2 said...

Ms. Robin, You don't know me but I absolutely love visiting your blog everyday. I admire your family and your faith. I will be praying over this adoption for y'all. May His will be done.

Anonymous said...

I am praying sister and can't wait for you to call me and tell me that your going to be blessed with another baby and that you will again be called parents! What a blessing! Call me!
Much Love,
Michael :)


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