Thursday, August 27, 2009

So What's Coop been up to?

This little pistol of a guy keeps me smiling and melting..He has my heart twisted in about 100 knots..Did I mention I love him? He is charming and funny and irresistible all mashed up into a 7 year old little boy. He's a dare devil and a fun seeker..Did I mention he's charming?

A gentleman
I knew him for a gentleman by signs that never fail.

His coat was rough and rather worn,
His cheeks were thin and pale-
A lad who had his way to make
With little time to play.
I knew him for a gentleman by certain signs today.
He met his mother on the street; off came his little cap.
My door was shut; he waited there until I heard his rap.
He took the bundle from my hand, and when I dropped my pen
He sprang to pick it up for me,
This gentlman of ten.
He does not push or crowd along;
His voice is gently pitched;
He does not fling his books about
As if he were bewitched.
He stands aside to let you pass;
He always shuts the door;
He runs on errands willingy,
To forge and mill and store.
He thinks of you before himself;
He serves you if he can,
For in whatever company,
The manners make a man.
At ten or forty 'tis the same-
The manner tells the tale;
And I discern the gentleman
By signs that never fail

1 comment:

Titus2Mom said...

Love the poem Mrs. White! Did you write it? Wouldn't suprise me if you did!


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