Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our families 1st 5-k and we're hooked

The morning promised a good race. The crowd was over 400 of all ages. The best part is sharing memories with good friends. It takes time to build relationships and it takes time to build those memories..What better way then to sweat together...

Allowing my kids to share in the excitement of running together and building their own memories

This was all of our kids doing the 1 mile fun run standing together but not for long

Channie took her running seriously..She did not stop and we were so proud of her.

My friends Jane and Darby..If you run with us in October you will meet both of them.
No the ambulance is not for us....
John Luke impromptu break dancing.

Jeremiah won a medal for his age division.

Melly won for her age division

These are only four families, great friends, great day,great 1st 5-k can't wait till October


Jane said...

Great pictures- we had a great time. It's a tradition now. All the Boyds are looking forward to October (as soon as I recover from today) We enjoyed as always being with you guys- thanks for the memories:) Blessings, Jane

Titus2Mom said...

Looks like you all had a great time!! We were glad though that we are waiting till a cool month to run!

Sarah B. said...

Mrs. White you are so quick with pictures!

We had a wonderful time with y'all today. Great fun and memories.
You all did so well!!!

Looking forward to October...

Anonymous said...

These are great pictures. It looks like fun. Have I missed details about the 5k in October? Could you post them?

Amy in AL


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