Thursday, August 27, 2009

"I have a daddy too."

While at the zoo we were playing at the play ground and this man walks up holding and tickling his little girl. She was laughing and holding on to her daddies neck and they were having the best time. When below them Channie-Mae gets the mans attention and says."I have a daddy too."

He said "you do? I bet he loves you so much" and she smiled and said "yes he does"..and she goes on with her play...This daddy didn't look anything like her daddy. He had long hair and it was pulled back in a pony tail. He was dressed kinda like a hippy, but she recognized something in him that reminded her of her daddy. Was it his playfulness,the way he gently carried her with the ease of a giant? Was it the way that he was protecting her from going too far and playing just alittle too rough? Was it the memories of falling asleep in her daddies arms? I'm not sure but to me I'm thankful that she see's a kind gentle man and thinks of her own kind gentle father.

Watch out future husbands for this little girl. She has seen what a kind gentle man looks like and I'm sure she'll be watching you as well to see if she recognizes her daddy in you....

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Titus2Mom said...

What a sweet post! How true!


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