Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What if we would of said "no"

"I understand that you couldn't make room -
that there wasn't a place,
I was not of your womb.
That my age was all wrong,
and my history belonged,
to a place and a people you know have all gone.

I see in your eyes that my life was a chore,
that my needs were too big,
my emotions to raw.

That you were afraid I might never leave home,
or I might find anger and by failure be known.
That my heart was too broken
my mind was too slow,
That the drugs in my system
defined me, you know.

And maybe, just maybe,
I wouldn't love you -
for my mind was too battered
too deep were the wounds.

But I wish you had tried,
I wish you had found room,
For this one tiny boy who
so achingly stood
and looked in the windows and watched
as you prayed,
and asked the Lord Jesus
to move you each day.

To bring out the family
that He had prepared
but none came forward
as I stood lonely there.

I understand - that man would say
my childhood has slipped away.
I have a father, this is true,
I know the same strong God as you.

But I wish that I had, had a mom,
a brother, a sister, a dog, some lawn.
That you had tried to reach me there
not left me to my own despair.
To people who were paid to feed,
and paid to wash and paid to read.
To those who didn't stay too long
and those who chose to teach me wrong.

I wish,
that you had found a way
to wedge me in and let me stay."

from Urban Servant

Adoption is not an easy road, but it is a road.
It has changed our lives Forever. The things our
family have learned will stay with us a life-time.


rixja said...

Robin, we are praying about adoption for our family. We've been blessed with four biological daughters. We are also open to more biological children and have had many miscarriages/issues in the past.We are drawn to Ethiopia but are open to wherever. We moved from B'ham to FL last year and may be moving back this year so we still have some settling to do. Can you recommend where and how to get started? There is so much info but it's overwhelming. We'd like to deal with a Christian agency, keep the costs as low as possible, deal with "easier governments" (we've had friends that have adopted from Ukraine and were there for many weeks, multiple times)and if possible, we'd love a sibling group. Sorry, I know that's a lot of info for a blog spot.

Thanks, Rixja

p.s. your family is precious!

Just A Family said...

I would love to give you all the info we have. We used a Christian agency here in B'ham...Email me and I'll let you know how we did everything and I know several people that could possibly help you guys.


From Five to Eight said...

I think about that so often. How many fears I had before we said "yes" to an older sibling group of 3.
They are beautiful, brave kids...really good kids. And to think that we could have said no because they might have "issues". Listen to your heart and have faith if God is calling you to adopt. It's hard...but we'd do it again.

Bria Cosper said...

What pretty pictures! Did Tay do them? We hope to see you as soon as the virus bug flees the house.

Julie said...

From and adoptee and an adoptor, THANKS! What a beautiful poem.
We adopted our five children in 2006. I want so badly to welcome more into our home, but we are at a wait stage right now.


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