Thursday, January 8, 2009

The little thumb sucker

.The ultra sound room was dark and as the technician waved her wand around my belly I layed there and watched her face for any kinda of concern. She wasn't saying much and had her mind on doing her job. Finally, I blurted out "you see a heart beat don't ya." She glanced at me and said "oh yes he is fine." I just have to make sure everything is normal.
Normal what a concept.
I'm laying there in a dark room with dark thoughts of the past and my heart is filled with the words "everything looks normal."
Your baby looks great.! He weighs 9-ozs and he is sucking his thumb...Normal.....
as I think back to our little baby we lost in March I have to say she or he was Normal also.
Just like God designed. He makes no mistakes and ab-normal to us may be beautifully normal to the Lord.
Willy T as we affectionately call him around here is normal by the doc's standards and we are happy that He is growing and thriving and sucking his thumb.....shoot I'm happy he has a heart beat.I don't take that for-granted.

Seeing his life, Seeing his heart beat, Seeing his ears, Seeing his toes, Seeing his fingers I'm sorry but that's so far from normal.
It's a miracle..
Me being able to carry his little life inside of me. Me being able to feel his little feet kick and move. Being able to see his kidneys, his bladder, his stomach, his mouth opening and closing.............. Seeing him suck his thumb, may be normal for some but not for me.. I don't take his little life for-granted. I guess if you have traveled the road of losing a couple of babies you realize that there's not much normal in having a baby..... only Miracles.....Precious priceless gifts.............

I want to stop and give God the Glory for Willy T's life ....
This child is an answer to our prayers, not a mistake but a miracle.

Not the best pic up top but his head is on the right and he is sucking his thumb.Right thumb..
He has gotten bigger so the pics are not as clear as when he was smaller.


Jeanette said...

So glad all is well! BTW - Thumb suckers are the BEST!!! :) My little Levi is one, and has been since his very first photos!!! ;)

Love ya'll

MamaHen said...

Nothing normal about a miracle Robin! They are all miraculous aren't they?

Brandi said...

Precious! I agree. . thumb suckers are the best!

I could just hear you saying, "You hear a heart best, right?" you are too cute.

What a precious miracle from a miraculous God!

Love you,

PS I talked to Greg and if you want to put something together or even pastors to talk to. . or anything, we are in for February sometime!

Anonymous said...



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