Monday, January 5, 2009

Things I've done today.

1. Ate breakfast with my hubby and kids.
2. Listened to my husband teach on being vigilant and ever watchful
for the adversary.
3.Spring cleaned the boys room with their help(well actually they did most of
the work and I bossed from my perch)
4.Ate an incredible lunch with some interesting people 6 of them to be exact.
5.felt and numbered the kicks of my little one growing inside of me.
6.Watched a American girl movie with those same interesting folks I had lunch with.
7.Put the little ones down for a rainy day nap, mom also relaxed beside them
8.Tip-toed up stairs to spend some time with the older kids and to get help with school work
9.Listened to several piano pieces by my talented daughter.She and I solve most of the worlds problems in one sitting.
10. Watched and laughed as my older son rapped his home-work to me.
11.Taught spelling
12.Taught math
13.Played dominoes with Cullen and Channie and Jo.
14.Read a book 4 times to Channie because she LOVES it.
15.Snuggled with Jo and listened to his incredible laugh as I wrestled with him
16.Assisted and aided in the making of supper
17. Talked to a friend for a few min's as she deals with the heart ache of watching her
mom suffer.
18. Continued to teach manners I have to do this every-day.
19. My 5.30 phone call that I can't miss from my hubby we do most of our communicating
via phone.
20.Ate supper with the my best friends.
21.Watched hubby and kids clean the kitchen.
22. I put out tons of fires.
23.I wiped noses
24.I dried tears
25.I kissed boo-boos
26.and changed diapers
27.I am a wife and a mother and a friend
I would not leave my post for anything

My life may not be for every-one but I wouldn't trade one thing on my list
to be any where else in the world.


Anonymous said...

I envy your life!

MamaHen said...

Being home is wonderful isn't it? So excited about you feeling the baby, how fun!

A mom of many said...

Very good life!

Anonymous said...

Browsing through your blog. Just had to let you know that my heart is being "built up" in encouragement through reading your words here! Praise God for the way He uses our clay vessels to pour out a cool drink to one other. I have been refreshed, strengthened, encouraged. Thank you.


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