Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Boys in the house and the house is packed...

I love having boys in the house. One min their shooting guns the next looking for an imaginary
treasure. Their boundless energy keeps you on your toes and their huge hearts makes mine melt at times. I try and teach the boys a wide range of things.. From cooking a simple meal to caring for pets. Gun safety or bb gun safety is always something that is taught early....
But matters of the heart sometimes are not easily taught.
My oldest son Tucker is very busy.
He has alot of chores and jobs along with school and boy scouts. He has very little time to goof off and even less time to himself.
Over the past few days our home has been a little turned up side down because Taylor has been sick. So how do you want your oldest son to step up?
Tucker started off making breakfast for the clan and then doing his regular chores.
He hid a treasure for the little boys cleaned Tay's room and had a tea party with 'flower.'
The smile on her face said a 100 times over what I could never express....True delight.
Teaching our boys to be multiply tasked will benefit them when they have a family.
Now I will say all days are not like this. You teach and encourage and 'wonder' if they have
grasped what your trying to teach them and out of the blue your 13 is caring a tea table to a private spot in the tea room and he has a princess on his arm..


scott said...

That's MY BOY!!

Anonymous said...

You've got quite a young man there!

He will make a wonderful husband someday, Lord willing.

Kim M. said...

Kathy sent us over here. I have young boys (ages 8, 6, & 4) and your encouragement is such a blessing. I love the little brown face by the way...what dolls

Angie said...

How sweet! We have 4 boys so this is an encouragement (ages 11, 7, 7, and 4). We have one little princess that is only 1.

What a blessing it must be to know that you are giving Joseph a loving home. :0) We have a new little nephew that is 2 days old and he was named Joseph!! Just had to share that.

Big Hugs and Keeping your family in my prayers.


R.M. Jackson said...

Hi...Kathy sent me over.:D What a lovely young man you have there!

I only have one little man right now, and I sometimes wonder if I am getting it right.

Anonymous said...

All my nephews are the sweetest, kindest, most helpful, and cutest boys I have ever known!



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