Sunday, December 2, 2007

Open Heart Surgery...

On Monday morning we go to the hospital and check in Joseph.
He will have Open Heart on Tuesday morning.
The Dr. said that Jo has a 7mm hole in the lower chamber of
his heart and that he could fix it.Thank the Lord.
It is scary thinking that he will have to have such a big surgery
but this is why he is here..This is why his mom gave him to us to get his heart
fixed and let him live a good life.I'm scared for him but I know that the Lord pulled
alot of strings to get him home with us and so I know he has LOTS of plans for this little boy.
He will be in the hospital for 5 days and each day he should get better and
feel better than he ever has. Because of the hole he does not have
the energy that most 18month olds have......They say we should
notice a big difference.
Please pray for him and us as we journey down this road to getting Joseph feeling better.
much love,


Brandi said...

that makes me nervous, but man am I glad he's in the US! We went to the Catholic hospital to see Blessing (Christina Hoffman's baby) who has malaria and those hospitals have NOTHING! I am so glad that he will have top of the line medical care! Kiss him for me!


missy said...

Robin, We will pray first thing Tuesday morning for your sweet Jo,
and for you as I know you are going to be a nervous wreck. Love, Missy

Welcome to Jen said...

praying for little jo and your family! He will do great!

Love ya,



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