Sunday, December 23, 2007

I wanted to call him this morning and tell him how bad I missed him. How strange is that?


Brandi said...

not strange at all. . .my friend, I ache for you right now. . .and for the kids.

Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

so, midngiht christmas eve and im thinking how great our GOD is! he gave his son JESUS to save us. but he also gave us MR WHITE. i had the pleasure of knowing this great man. a man who showed love for others more than himself. he came to our office and spent hours with his friend building shelves for us. i also know he was great because i know his son, scott, a man i hope to be more like. so im thinking, like father like son. if he was anything like scott, he was the best! scotts wife robin with such a campassionate and caring heart shows me an example of how to make a difference in a persons life. joseph and the generations after him will forever be grateful to you for saving his life. taylor,tucker,cooper,cullin, chandler and now joseph. i know GOD has the greatest plans for each of you..jer 29:11 i love em all. his daughter julie is always so nice when she comes by or calls. regina was so kind when id see her and had a smile to share. ive only seen a picture of ann, but what a smile, i can tell she is the same as all the rest of you. i only met mr. whites wife once but i could tell she is very special too because how nice she was to me. the people close to mr. white are all very nice. i know at least part of that came from how he must have treated them. thanks mr. white for showing us how to love our neighbor as our selves, not just in words but in the way you lived your life. so for the white family, we are thinking of you & praying for you, caring for you always and most of all, know GOD is with you!

with love in CHRIST


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