Monday, December 10, 2007

Cooking 101

My dear daughter Channie loves to cook. She wants to help you do everything and anything. I pray that this will help make her a good wife and mother one day.
She is our 5th child and what a true delight it has been to watch her grow into a little
girly girl.
She has the biggest brown eyes I have ever seen.
Everyone ask me if she is jealous of her little brother and I say not at all.
She shares with him and loves on him and calls him "bubba".
I'm so thankful God brought Channie-Mae into our life and I cherish this time I have with her growing her into a young lady who will want to be a wife and mother one day.
I pray she will serve the Lord with all of her heart and be the mother of lots of kids.......
I love you Channie,


missy said...

What a beauty.

Anonymous said...

wow what a beautiful girl! She looks just like her mama did when she was that age and like her big sister at that age!


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