Monday, December 17, 2007

A Day of stinkies..

Ok girls, I've had one of those days you pray you don't have often..
Imagine this if you will. I'm on my way to take Jo to the surgeons office which is
an hour away. I manage to get all the kids dressed and in the car..
Everyone seems to be in pretty good moods. I'm praising the Lord and just doing
all the things I should be doing. Talking real sweet and being real patient.
I'm thinking this six kid thing is a breeze........and begins
15 mins before Joseph's Dr. apt Joseph starts crying and will not stop..
Channie is crying and somewhere in the back of all of that they say Cullen
is saying "mama" but I promise I did not hear his tiny voice..
I start to smell something horrible. I figure out it's Joseph. He had eaten
a ton of fruit yesterday and yes it came through today..All over his nice clean
clothes. EVERYWHERE.........Channie who is cutting 4 eye teeth (you mama's out there
you know how bad those eye teeth are) has a sweet brother lean up and say "mama
Channie pooped and it's bad....Tay and I are still in control...She takes one and I take the other. Then I hear from the same sweet brother that informed me of Channie's
accident that his brother on the other side has peed in is pants. He is two..
I say why didn't you tell mama and Coop said he did but you didn't hear him...
This is where I realize that having six kids is not a breeze no extra clothes so far from home and no prayers left...I call Scott almost crying and say What do I do.
His reply is " I'm glad I'm not there" well so much for thick and thin...He says cancel the apt and he will even do it for me.....Thank you honey...
I don't think I'll leave the house again EVER.........



Brandi said...

oh my! Ok, go pack a duffle bag with one change of clothes for each child and put it in the back of the van. Remember I said EACH child. . even Taylor incase someone poops ON her. . .oh, and put a spare pair in there for you too!


Jamie said...

And here I thought I was having a bad day!

Stefanie said...

Wow what a day! I don't have six...but I sure can empathize!

missy said...

Please forgive me for laughing at your misery, but you have woven quite a humerous tale. I hope today is a better one. Love you, Missy

Anonymous said...

Ha! That is too funny! Not really, but we all have one of those days sometimes, regardless if we have one or ten! Your a great Mom! For some reason, God did not want you going to the doctor, so rejoice that all that happend! I am sure it was for a reason, sister! Love you and miss you!
Michael :)

Mama to 12, so far said...

Blessings on you dear. I have been there so many times I don't even want to count them anymore! I agree with Brandi above...pack a bag of clothes for each child and your self and put it in the back of the van. Don't forget to change it out when the season changes. I still have one for "local" trips to town and around here for everyone (and myself) age 11 and under (5 of them). But if we go anywhere remotely "out of town", even an hour away, I pack the others a change (in the case of teens, I make them get their own change of clothes and then pack it...its no use for them to walk around with something gross (poopy or "spitup") because they don't like what I grabbed!!) Don't ask how many times I have had to use this bag of pack clothes.........
Hugs to you...


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