Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dr Visit report....

We took Jo to his Pediatric Cardiologist today for his one week check up.
They were amazed......They said he was doing wonderful. He is smiling and
reaching..He has changed colors he is darker...The Dr. said he was probably
pale from the heart condition..(I wonder if I can get my money back)LOL...
He is a real trooper....
The only complaint I have is SLEEP.....Every since the surgery he wakes up every couple of hours just fussing....The Dr. said it is because of the by-pass machine.He said it really messes with their bodies for awhile....
He also told us that Jo couldn't be around crowds for 4 weeks......He said if he gets
sick it will be lots of blood work to determine if it's his surgery or just a virus.
So we have to stay at home for the next month....I'm trying to have a good attitude about this because I'm on the road ALOT and we usually stay busy during Christmas as everyone does but instead we get to stay at home and cook and bond with our little boy and that is ok with me.....
Christmas has come early at our house..

The top picture is the other day at our house.
The bottom picture is when he was in Africa.
Can you tell a difference in his color?


blessedmommy said...

He is such an amazing little boy. What a miracle he is. I can tell that he is darker. Enjoy the special time at home with your children. What a blessed Christmas you are going to have. What a mighty God we serve.
In Christ,
Melissa Arnold (AOH family)

Stefanie said...

There is a huge difference in how he looks. He looks much healthier! I am so glad you got a good report. Thank you Lord. Have a wonderful day!


Tama said...

Oh, He does look so much better. You just have a great bonding christmas with lots of loving and huggin' and what a delight it will be!
We are home safe. Girls adjusting well. Going to put up the christmas tree this weekend. What fun for the girls! We were praying for you and Linda was too!

S and K said...

He is gorgeous... in any color! So happy to hear how things are going! Oh, and that staying at home thing... you'll be glad you did it! We were confined to our home for 6 months when Midge was born prematurely. It was so hard, but as soon as the 6 months were up and I began to take her out, I wished I hadn't! I like when she's not sick!
Praying for you.
Haddie laughed and smiled at her future husband's picture. She pointed and touched the screen. I think she likes darker Jo better! It's the only picture she actually touched!

Jamie said...

Before I even scrolled down, I thought, "I don't recognize him!" I see a HUGE difference in his color!! WOW. Praise God!!!
Jamie Z. :0)

missy said...

Wow! Isn't that something about his color. Who would have thought?
I guess, it's the same as when us white folk get pale when we are ill....He looks fabulous.
Love, Missy


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