Saturday, December 8, 2007

We can see a difference in Joseph already....He has only been home 1 night.


missy said...

He doesn't look like he just had major surgery. What an amazing little boy and what an Awesome God.
So happy this is all behind you.

Anonymous said...

He looks wonderful! I am so glad you posted the pictures. What an awesome God we serve. He sure has blessed your family with a special gift of this little boy.....Talk to you soon.
Love you,
Michael :)

Amber G. said...

Wow, he looks so wonderful! I am soooo glad to hear how well he is doing! Praise the Lord.

Love you all,

Brandi said...

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! I'm so sorry we haven't actually talked yet! I love you and miss you!


Stefanie said...

He looks just great. I sure see a difference in his eyes from the pictures you posted of him in Liberia.


Welcome to Jen said...

He looks WONDERFUL Rob!! This will change his life...better quality of life! Praise Jesus.

Love ya,


p.s. We are in Chicago!! Naomi's flight comes in tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

I was at the hospital with you and as I looked around on the floor of the hospital, I saw many things and they weren"t all happy. I feel so blessed to have Joseph home with his family and healing so well. This reminds me to never complain it could be worse. I feel so blessed whenever I look at all my children. God is good. Mom


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