Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Open Heart Surgery..!!

Well we found out yesterday after speaking to a surgeon who will be taking care of Joesph that
there is a 90% chance that Joesph will have to have open heart surgery.
Although, this is scary sounding we are committed to bringing him the best care possible.
Please pray that he will be able to come soon and we will be able to get him the help he needs.

believing in him always,


Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

He will be just fine. Sign me up for helping with the kiddos!

~tmc~ said...

Praying that your precious little boy will come home very soon.


Amber G. said...

Definitely praying!

I got the word today that H. is now in foster care. I am sooo glad to know where he is!


S and K said...

We're praying Joseph will be home very soon to get the care he needs. We're praying for his little heart and for the doctors to have incredible wisdom!


Brandi said...

You know I'm praying for little man! I love him and can't wait to meet him.

Love you bunches,


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