Friday, August 31, 2007

A love ..

Joesph Turner's Surgeon office called this morning to let us know that they had been
talking about Joesph's case.....Gosh I wished he was here to see them in person.
They all seem so ready to help him. He wanted me to call Another Dr. to get advice on
Joesph's plane ride home. How to handle him so he will be less up-set...I suspect that
will take drugs and lots of them..LOL ...I can't imagine what
the little guy will be doing.....I feel sorry for the people sitting around us.
Anyway, working on his behalf ....
My friend Amber posted about how she didn't realize how much she was worrying about
her Henry until she got a phone call the other day about him from The staff...
That's kinda how I feel.I get up-tight or I feel distant I can't figure out whats wrong
until I realize its Joesph...It's his little face I see in the memory of my mind. It's his
tiny body that I have memorized over and over. It's the questions that can't be answered
by no-body it seems. It's the un none of it all. It's the choice to love someone before you
you know if they will love you.It's all the uncertainty of this whole adoption thing. It keeps
you right on the edge and some days you feel as though you can't take a breath least you fall.
That's how I feel. Sleep is not an option lately. You wake up knowing your house is not secure.
Not everyone is sleeping safe and sound under your roof. He is not in his bed. You can't reach
over and feel him breath. As the days go on I feel more and more out of sorts..My peace comes
from The Father but..he is preparing me for the adventure of a life time. A love story that
knows no color.

Hope you all have a weekend building beautiful memories,


Amber G. said...

I know the feelings!! And I agree that we are kindred spirits. I am always so blessed by reading the way you pour out your heart toward Joseph and I think "yes, that's exactly how I feel!" only I don't express it so well. Thanks for expressing what is on my heart too.
I love ya!

Anonymous said...

Exciting!!!! I loved the last line about a love that knows no color!! Is Joseph coming home anytime soon? Maybe you'll be on the same plane as sweet Amber!!?? love, Denise


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