Thursday, August 30, 2007

What must go through their mind?

Donna the Director of Acres Of Hope state side is in Africa and she put this on her blog...
I have to say that I can't even let my mind go where this story attempts to take me.

What is it like for a child to come into the orphange on their first day? This is what I as an adoptive mom wondered and knew it would probably be more than I would want to know or realize as a mom and then did see first hand. I was there one day when sisters were brought in and the birth mom said goodbye and walked away. I am sure her heart was very heavy at that moment. The girls were terrified. One of them started running all over the court yard and they couldn't catch her she was scared and screaming. It made my heart break just to see her afraid and having to walk away. What must she be thinking. She must hear her child crying on the other side but has chosen what was best for her even through the pain. This little girl was allowed to be left alone for a little while, while we all continued our business. After some time, Bobo the monkey got out. It scared her so much that she ran straight into the orphanage where I picked her up and rocked her as she cried. It was all I could do not to cry myself. The nannies go through this on a weekly basis. I calmly rubbed her back, rocked her, and talked to her. She eventually fell asleep. This little girl went on to become acclimated into orphan life and has since come home.
I went on to hold a baby who was relinquished. He cried and cried and cried for his mama. Once again you grief the loss of this little one but yet are excited for their opportunities of a new life. As I paced the court yard that day; I wondered what his new life would be like. I also prayed for the mama who gave him up.
Let us not forget the mamas and daddys and relatives who so lovingly give up their children so that they can have opportunity that they can't provide for them for one reason or another. It is God's unconditional love in action.


Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

Joseph. We were in a big gathering with a bunch of our friends, he hadn't been here long, but he was crying...ALOT, I tried to comfort him (poor choice I know), then you came and got him, held him close to you in a nursing position and he settled right down.

I cannot imagine what his birth mom will feel, but then again, if she is a Christian, God may very well give her that peace that surpasses all understanding. Perhaps her hope is for the future, his and hers. She may see him in 18-20 years? I keep thinking about that movie.

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

oops part of that did not come through.

My previous post should have started with:
I had a dream about Joseph.

Brandi said...

Did that just tear you up or what? I started thinking about God the Father as he watched Jesus walk the road to calvary. Choosing to "let go" to save. But, not to save just his son, to save ME! Heavy stuff for my heart. Brings me to awe over the God we serve and to my knees for mamas who have to make this choice. May JT's mama know Jesus and may JT choose Jesus so that they will be separated but for a short time. In the middle, there is you, sharing your life and your love for Jesus with a little boy who God chose for you before the creation of time b/c of His loving care of Your Family, Joseph AND Joseph's family in Liberia.

He is amazing!
PS I've missed talking to you this week! Call me when you get up tomorrow. I'm heading out early!


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