Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sometimes you have to take a chance..

Well I have to say that I had a very emotional night. Donna, our Acres Of Hope contact person calls us last night and needs some of our paper work that has been held up for a couple of months now.
We call our social worker and she is super nice but says there is not awhole she can do.
I sleep until 2.00am and then I'm wide awake as the hours tick by.So many things going through my mind. What if Joesph dies while I'm waiting on paper work. Should we allow another family to adopt him so he is not held up by us....( keep in mind this is at 2.00am) I woke up with a resolve to go to our state capitol and stand on the steps of the capital building if I must with Joesph's pictures and try to get some answerer's....Scott, of course thought I had lost my mind..It's almost a 3 hour drive and I have five kids to drag along with me. I had no-idea who to talk to or even where I would go, I just knew I had to go. I had to able to tell myself I had done everything I could......I call my mom and tell her my plans and she says I'm going with you. I couldn't believe her dedication to me and to Joesph...I told her It may be a wasted trip mom because I don't know where to go or even if they will see me..She said that's ok at least you can say you gave it all..On the way, I called my social worker and asked her for any thing she could give me.She said It has never worked before but I will try and get a number for you. She called me back with a number and she said"you will not talk to her just leave a messages "..Keep in mind we are about 1 hour from the capital at this point. So with an anxious heart I dial her number. She answered.!
I bust out in tears and start telling her about my boy in Africa. How he NEEDS to get home so he can have surgery..She said "your going to Africa" I say yeah if I can get all of this stuff together..
She gets all our info and says to hang on.She comes back and tells me she has Scott's stuff and she is expediting it as we speak.She tells me that I need to come to the capital so she can get me a live scan. She tells me to come to her office first and then she will send me where I need to go.
We spend 2 hours at both places and I get several opportunity's to share about Joesph ...I hand out his picture so that they have a reason to get this done. I'm so grateful to God for giving me this chance to change something. They assure me that this will be handled and I believe them.
Sometimes you just have to step out there. It's not always the most popular thing to do never know until you try. I have alittle fellow counting on me and I will not let him down... I will do whatever it takes to bring him To the United States and get him the surgery he needs...This may not be his first chose for a home but I hope we're a close 2nd......................

I love ya Joesph Turner hang in there and know that help is coming in the form of a crazy white woman..:)Soon to be your crazy mama........


Brandi said...

Oh my friend!!!! Yeah! The Lord is already using you in Joseph's life! That's an amazing story and you need to post it on the yahoogroup for people who don't read blogs. I'm so proud of you!

Love you,

S and K said...

You are a strong woman of faith and a dedicated Mama! Joseph is blessed. I agree, you need to put this on the yahoo group!

Amber G. said...

Oh you beautiful, crazy mama! I just love you! I would have done the same. I think you are just awesome and Joseph is so blessed to have you as his advocate. God loves persistence and He honors it.


Anonymous said...

You go!!! Awesome!!! There were angels riding on your roof!!! Love, Denise


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