Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Kings Favorite Daughter!!!!!

Today was a huge day for our paper -work....God delivered in such a way that
it made people shake their head......In -stead of taking months on some paper work
we were waiting on, the lady at our capital talked to me today and she took care of it
all for us....She said I will mail this today...I was thankful, but she took it one step further
and faxed our stuff so our social worker got it within minutes......She was then able to
to release our homestudy.........:)okay you don't see my big ole smile but it has not left
my face all day......The kids and I had been fasting our daily scoop of ice-cream until
we heard from this lady and today after her call I took them and got them the largest
ice -cream I could.............I cannot thank the Lord enough...He opened doors that only
He had the key for and I'm still in shock at all He did...
I'm going tomorrow and picking up my 4 certified copies of my homestudy and shipping them to Rae
who happens to be on staff with Acres O f Hope and she and her husband are going to Africa
and she will hand deliver them to the needed places(thanks Rae)..So I am with a grateful heart
always but tonight I feel like the Kings favorite daughter>..:)ok ok I know I'm not I just feel
like it.....
Thank you Lord,


Brandi said...

Isn't the Lord just sweet! You forgot to post how she also told you that you just have to bring JT to see her when he comes home. I love that the Lord is using you to touch even the lives of the gov't officials you come across.

PS remember to blog about donna next

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

Favorite? no...I AM....just ask Him!

Rejoicing with you!

~tmc~ said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hello:) You have a beautiful family.

That's great news on the speedy paperwork!


Amber G. said...

INCREDIBLE!! I think I will celebrate with you by getting a big ol' ice-cream too!!!

God is sooo faithful and loves you (and Joseph) sooo much!!!

Thanks for your encouragment as always... I wish we lived closer, too! And I would LOVE to travel with you. It would be such a sweet blessing!... we'll see!

Love ya!



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