Saturday, August 25, 2007

God provided in a strange kinda way....

Ok so its been one of those weekends where your so glad you have friends...I was visiting with a friend and in the back ground I hear a scream...It's a I'm really really hurt scream and it bolts me out of my chair....On my way to the screaming child I run into my 2 year old who is crying and saying "bubba hurt" ..Ok now my heart is racing just a twinge...I get to Coop to see blood...........running down his arm and hand...He has gotten a fishing hook way deep into his finger and its past the barb....It's a huge fishing hook too ..It looked to me as though you could of caught a shark with it..Hanging out of my baby's hand...dangling there, blood dripping.Ok so its not that big.
Looking at it now it's pretty small but..
Anyway, I don't panic I just gather him up and load
everyone in the van to take him to our neighbors house.
He looks at it and says"Its deep you need to take him to the ER....Wow!! About this time Scott is driving down the road and stops. He takes one look and says "yeah we need to go on to the ER."
Cooper by this time is incredibly calm. He is being so brave..we drive to the ER where there appears to be along line......3 hour long line....So we call our friend the VET...Mr. John..he tells us to come on over...We get there to water being boiled and a fresh clean animal DR. ready to help.
He cleans Coop's hand really good and while all five of his children watch he precedes to give Coop some numbing stuff.....10 secs later its out....It was so neat watching our friends help us.
Coop never got up-set he held his daddies hand and did wonderfully.
He is no worse for the wear today..It's alittle blue but it does not even hurt..
This morning I was telling my mom what happened and she said"let me get this straight you passed up the ER for a vet for my grand-son.?" Yes mom we did.............
We even got animal antibiotics. He,He. We are very grateful to our friends and to God from whom
all blessings flow...........


Brandi said...

Poor Cooper! Great story though and I'm sure he'll love it even more when he's older!

Love ya,

Michael said...

Cooper is such a little trooper! ha! Building those memories, even when sometimes they seem bad at first, what a story to talk about with his wife and kids one day!
Love ya sister,


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