Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chickens and strawberries

The girls are getting so big. I can't help but laugh at their spunk. They keep me running and they keep me laughing and they keep me praying, a lot..How do I do it all? Everyday is fresh and new and everyday I start anew. I know that the days on this farm are changing and I do what I know and I pray that He will fill in the blanks. Little AA is staying with us off and on and he is such a joy. He brings with him laughter and happiness. He is one of the most pleasant babies I have ever been around and I love him being here.  

I can't help but to show you what I'm up against. The girls are so stinking cute but these two need to be watched. They do this little tag team shuffle and keep me guessing who's going to have a bad day. I'm ready for them. They are little pistols fully loaded and it's my job to unload's hard work people!
They are very close to being fully potty trained during the day which in itself is quite an accomplishment. They now stay up late with the family and watch movies and love to cook and wash dishes. They are such blessings and I love shaping them and molding them to love the Lord.

Cooper went on a walking herb class with his grandmother and they told him the benefits of the thistle plant so he decided to dissect one and try and get the milk out of it. He worked on that big brier patch for most of the day and barely got a few drops. That's the joy of homeschooling though. Time to explore and research things. One of the many reasons I love homeschooling so much.

Little sweet flower is doing well. We recently got 10 new laying hens and well, this little country girl loves to sit out there and watch all those chickens scratching around in the dirt. She jumps over the fence and sits out in their yard and just watches. In a day and age where girls hardly ever go barefoot anymore this little girl's feet are always dirty. The dark soil from her grandfather keeping her feet the color of coffee.
This girl loves her chickens. Come by sometime and she'll show you.

More than chickens she loves strawberries and the strawberries are ripe and big and beautiful this year.
She has went picking twice and she is a pro. She can fill a bucket almost as fast as Cooper but she always stops and eats a few. The red juice slowly finding it's way down her shirt.

Sometimes I feel so busy raising up 8 + 1 children and this chair calls me to come sit a spell and write about our life here on the farm but our life here is full, rich, joyful and busy so it keeps me out of this chair...

I do have some upcoming posts on child training so any specific questions you might have leave them in my inbox and I'll try to answer them!

Blessings from the Farm,


Laurel said...

Always good to hear from you ... even when you just have a minute to sit in your chair.

How do you tell the twins apart? Do they always dress alike? We have identical twins (now 23). When they were younger they usually had matching outfits, but in different colors. Carissa was the purple & pink girl; whereas Lindsey was the blue, green, & yellow girl. Fun memories.

Hope you all are doing well.

Laurel :)

Just A Family said...

Hey Laurel it's always a blessing to hear from you sweet friend...

We tell the girls apart by a small scar on Josie's lip. I know lame but it works:) They are starting to change in their looks a little bit maybe....

hope your family is well...


Anonymous said...

Molly met Channie at the conference last year and she talks about her all the time. We should have got your address so they could write to each other. They are so much alike, Molly and her "baby Amy" celebrated their birthday at American girl too:) I'll be coming to the conference next week, can't wait to see you again.
Love, Kirsten

WhitneyandScott said...

Looking forward to your posts on child training. We have a 2 1/2 and 3-year-old and are right in the thick of it! We are working on "obeying right away, all the way, with a cheerful heart," and the training in this area has been CONSTANT. I'd love to know if you have any specific ways you encourage cheerful hearts and obedience in yoru toddlers.

Rachel said...

Sounds wonderful!

Renata said...

Lovely to catch up here Robin! We are still getting strawberries & the kids are stealing them all before I even get out to find any. Since it's cooling down I guess we are at the end of them though. Your Channie would get along with Ellie so well ~ isn't living on a farm & homeschooling just wonderful for the kids ( & the Mum too!!)
Have a wonderful week. Praying for you with your conference coming up so soon ~ wish I could come, but since that is impossible at least I can pray for you all.

Kim M. said...

Enjoying catching up!


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