Monday, April 16, 2012

His life a light

He's been here for most of his life. His light pushing back the shadows of doubt and confusion. God said the words, "let there be light" and there was light. God said the words, "let there be an African boy named Jo" and so it was the beginning of his beautiful story. With his story comes the story of his best friend Cullen. His brother only 1 year older, these two share life together and break bread everyday and absolutely cause me to love the smell of boys and the laughter of pure friendship that I see in them.    
Jo is taller and Cullen stands on tippy-toes saying no, he's not taller.

Jo's light of braveness as he stands in a field that is not his country.
Stands with a brother who is not his color.
Stands next to me as my son and showers me with his
ability to cope and laugh and give God thanks for
saving him but in the process having to give up all he knew,
all he loved in Africa for the chance God offered. He has dealt so well
with the many changes I forget sometimes that he was never born here.
I forget sometimes that I never gave birth to him. 

His long African legs stand now in our pasture. The Lord restoring the life of this boy. The Lord smiling at Jo's strength and endurance as he grows another year older and he realizes just how much he has to be thankful for as I explain to him how near death he was. He puts a finger to his scar and runs it down the jagged edge and says "He saved me".
Yes, Jo, He saved you.
God made you and now you should always give thanks and glorify God forever. Tell your children so that they can tell their children of God's faithfulness in your life. Be a thankful person and don't look at the past as a negative, look at it as God's intervention in your life to heal you and save you.

So with those words I pray that you never ever know a day without the Lord as your Savior. I pray that thankfulness continues to be pressed on your lips.
I thank the Lord for your birthday and for His words of "Let there be a little African boy named Jo." and I'm sure He said, "he is good"..:)  


Karen Sue said...

I linked to you for an interview that was passed to me and now I can't find your email address to ask if you will answer the questions on your blog..
if you would...
1) did you pick your blog name for a special reason??
2) how long have you been blogging and why did you start?
3) Your favorite dessert?
4)coffee or tea?
5) one thing on your bucket list.
6) the last, best book you read..

7) do you have time for your nails? favorite color?
Thanks! Have a great day.
I enjoy reading your blog and thanks for making me think and smile!

Renata said...

What a precious son he is to you! I remember reading his adoption story & God was definitely there in all the details & I just know He has an amazing plan for this precious boy!


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