Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My soup kitchen

There is a love you cannot hide and these two girls certainly don't try
to hide their love for each other and us their family. They keep us moving around here.
They keep us remembering our blessings when they crawl up in our lap and share
themselves with us, with me, their mama.
They run down my halls and I run after them and when I catch them
I'm reminded of God's faithfulness..
I get to raise these little girls.
 To love the Lord.
To love their father.
To love each other.  
With Gods Grace I will not forget my mission. 

Who Am I?
I'm totally not the perfect mother.
I'm unfit for such a job.
I'm unqualified.
I'm undeserving,
yet here I am.

 I'm in the middle of a huge mission field.
I'm watching my door open and close a thousand times a day.
Someone always needy.
Someone always needing water and to be fed.
Someone needing patched up.
Some days I feel like I run a soup kitchen.
The faces happy, sad, lonely coming to my table.
I speaks words to each of them and wonder if I truly
ever make a difference.
I keep going, I keep feeding, and I keep my door
always open because I never know when I just might
be entertaining angels.:)

My life has settled in to a deep realization that my mission field calls out to me every single
day. It begs to be heard and it begs to be answered.
I answer my calling better some days than others.
but today I answer loud,
"Here I am" come sit a spell and let me adore you for the beautiful
gift that you are.


Laine said...

And you have a beautiful mission field, sister!

A Baker's Dozen Barnhouse News said...

Sweet momma, adorable children, lovely family. Blessings!

Laurel said...

Love it!

I, too, have always seen motherhood as my most important mission field. I have never felt guilty for not working in any and every church ministry that I've been asked to. No. My children are my mission field ... my 24/7 ministry opportunity.

:) :) :)

Jennifer P said...

Beautiful words. I was feeling a bit grumpy tonight. Thank you. There is no higher calling.

Renata said...

Hi Robin
It's been a while since I've checked in here - just busy with my own mission field here- but it is lovely to come & catch up & be uplifted by your beautiful words. Your twins sure are growing up fast - enjoy this time - my twins are now 5 & I can't believe the time has flown that quickly.
Have a beautiful day - I look forward in catching up on the other posts I've missed as I have time.
God bless you

Anonymous said...



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