Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I had more than my share.

The notes left for me everywhere.

On my bed-side,

In my bathroom,

By my coffee in the morning.

Sometimes hand delivered by a

precious five year old.

I sure feel loved
and cherished by my
sweet kids and hubby.

When the day comes that

I find no more what a sad

day indeed that will be but I will

save the ones I have and post them

all around me to remind me I had

more than my share and so much

more than I deserve.

I usually leave them where I find them

as long as I can.

The one above has been on my bathroom

door for almost five years.

The paper yellowing,

the words faded only in it's ink,

not it's meaning.

Good days and bad days I have

read these words and continue to
read these same words everyday.
Words that remind me that
even when I don't feel very
loved I am.

Rainbows and sunshine

on the pictures he draws.

He and I walking through

it all with a smile.

Thank you Lord for the daily

reminders of love, family,

and sunshine even if there isn't any sunshine
to be seen.

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