Friday, February 19, 2010

It looks like we're adopting again....

It's a girl!

Her name is Lucy.

She weighs 2lbs

She was born along with her brother on Feb 17th.

Her brother was strong and big.

She was frail and weak and about near death when we found her.
We milked the mama goat
so she could have the first milk that
contains colostrum.

We kept her by the fire as I gently
fed her with a baby bottle.

We didn't know if she would make it.

Usually the first 24 hours will determine.

The boys slept by her all night long.

The morning light would tell if she
was a fighter or not.

The next morning she was stronger
and quite friendly.
We tried to reintroduce her to her mama but she
cannot keep her body temperature up when
she goes outside.
So being the family that
we are, she will stay inside being warmed by the fire.
We will feed her and love on her until she
is ready for her world.
This is God's way of teaching my children
how to be loving and caring.
Staying up all night to make
sure a baby goat makes it.
I could have missed this opportunity.
I was too busy..but I'm glad I didn't..
If you know me at all you
know I never would..
I love ways to make my children grow..
Waking up after a loooong night
and the smile on their face
when little Lucy gives them a kiss..
I'm thankful for this little goat named Lucy.
She brings out so much love
from my strong, rough guys....
So welcome to the farm Lucy bug.


Kim M. said...

Awwww! So cute!

EyeDropp3r said...

Look at those ears! Precious!

dragonfrye said...

So Cute!!! Lucy will be very loved I'm sure!!!


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