Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Caring for the sick at the White house

Oh, my beloveds, how I hate to see you down.

No laughter, no feet running to and fro.

Fevers, cough, and headaches, a part of my

daily bread.
Thanking the Lord for comforts that
I can offer to my kids.
My bed
My time
My love
not to mention

A warm place to lay their sick heads
with their brothers and sisters
who are also sick
Going by and kissing their hot
heads and telling them
how very much I love them
Looking forward to
tomorrow when my
Love is returned.
I missed his drawings today.
I missed his smile...........
Stopping what I had planned and
doing what God commanded
Taking care of the least of these.....

Holding Channie until her fever went down
Her body hot against mine.
A sweet time to send a prayer up
on behalf of my kids on behalf
of my house-hold.

Looking forward
to a new day
Lord willing
my home is
loud again...

"When Trouble or heartaches or sickness come....
trust in God and do the next thing."

~Caroline Anne Dunwoody


Titus2Mom said...

Oh, I am so sorry! We will pray for you all! In the mean time great post and beautiful photos!

dragonfrye said...

I hope you all feel better soon. Beautiful bed by the way!

bbmommy2 said...

I hope your house is filled with laughter and little happy feet tomorrow. I will pray the fevers and coughs leave your most precious. Feel better soon!

Titus2Mom said...

BTW I gave y'all an encouraging blog award on Farm Kids in Crocs!

Missy said...

Isn't it sad when the little ones are sick and the house is just too quiet. Praying that you all are better soon and I hope those little babies stay well. I also wanted to tell you I just love the song on your blog. It is just beautiful. I often play it while I'm on the computer just to hear it in the background. Get better soon!!! Missy in TN

Bria Cosper said...

Oh you poor people!!! That picture of Cullen is priceless!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you all are feeling better soon!

Missi said...

Hmm. I'm a-thinkin someone shared some sick germs with us all at church on Sunday! We've got it too! It's been a long week for Evelyn Rose, bless her heart... and I'm just now coming down with it. Yuck! Prayers for health for us all!!


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