Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Diary of Sarah Chandler

Dear Diary,

I'm sitting here under this oak feeling

the wind blow and knowing that

I have to go soon.

My time is so little my own

but I wouldn't have it any other

way. There's always something to

do and someone to do it with. It's just

sometimes I want so desperately to be alone

with my thoughts and so I drift just a little

piece through the pasture to my tree and

dream. I dream about all kind of different things

but mostly about Steve Chandler.

I have to admit I feel like a silly girl with silly notions

but try telling that to my heart.

I miss Viola so much.

I haven't seen her but once since the wedding.

I still can't believe she married when she didn't even love

him really. Pa told me that love would come

for them. He said it would sneak in one night

and they would fall deeply in love over time.

He said "Sarah, love doesn't have to hit you

over the head."

I'm sure my sister will be happy but

she hardly knew him.

Yet, she was raised to be a mans wife and he was raised

to be a husband, so you get married and you work it out.

Pa said love will come and I believe him.

I'd rather not wait on love to come,

if it hits me first though, and it has

hit me hard.

Pa and Ma have the kind of love that could have only

been made through time. Love snuck in their house a long time


and their hearts beat at the same time, I do believe.

Ma gets mad at him from time to time but she is always the first

to say "I'm sorry". She said it's her job to respect him and honor

him and so that's her way of doing it.

Pa has said that it's a mans job to make a woman feel cherished and

protected and mama is one of the most cherished women I know.

I hear the dinner bell

I will save my thoughts for another day.

The first entry from the Diary of Sarah Chandler

found under the oak tree on Kornegay Rd.

Dedicated to Chandler White


Shonni said...

Ohhhh, I liked this. Thank you for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

You really found a diary that was Aunt Sarah's? When was this?


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