Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Training my daughters

If girls are brought up as if they were meant for sideboard ornaments, they will not have much influence for good over the men who become their husbands.

A thoughtless, selfish, snappish, fretful, overbearing, and dictatorial young woman may take prizes at school, may excel at music, and travel round the world, but the more she knows, the less culture she has. The commonest country girl, with good health, an open brain, and a warm, unselfish, patient, self controlled disposition, is a hundredfold more cultured than the boarding school graduate, who is fractious with her mother, cross with her sisters, or knows too much to associate with other girls.

by Tamara S.Valine

I truly believe one of the most important roles we must teach our daughters out side of honoring her father is being a delightful and helpful sister....If she can bend her will enough to have the love and respect of her brothers and sisters then her heart is moving in the right direction..

A true indicator of my daughters heart is on a typical day at home and how they use their words to encourage the others... Yes even Channie, she is in training and I start early encouraging her

to use her words wisely...only saying things that are kind and helpful..and when she doesn't pulling her aside and saying "Channie that was not kind to say to your brother why don't you tell him your sorry." She might say " I don't want to." Honest enough and then I would tell her "how important it is that she have a big heart and part of having a big heart is learning to forgive and not stay mad at someone..." she might then go and ask someone to forgive her and give a quick hug and all is well...(for the moment anyway)

Taylor on the other hand is on the front lines.Her attitude and her disposition is her own responsibility now. She has the vision of raising a multigenerational family so her role as big sister is very important to her..She gives very freely of her self and her time and she has no problem coming and asking for forgiveness when she has been short or snappy..Reminders are fewer these days but still there when needed..
Remember the attitudes in your children that you think they may out grow usually only get bigger...


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Very nice post. Thank you,

Heart4Adoption said...

I always am encouraged by your parenting posts:)

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