Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rain Water

Rain Water:

Good for what may ail you. Wipes your blues away.

Little drops of wetness that make you smile.

Allowing our children to be children. To get wet in the

rain, to get dirty in the mud, and come in to clean clothes
and a snuggle blanket.
These memories stored away and will be embedded in their
mind. The refreshment of the rain and the breeze.
And for an instant everyone is best friends and everyone is happy.
No cares, no worries, just brothers and sisters
taking advantage of God's way of playing with his children. Sending smiles
amongst them all and an afternoon of summer fun.
Thank you Lord for the rain and watering my garden and my children....

1 comment:

Titus2Mom said...

What a precious post! So sweet! And I love your new background!


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