Friday, July 17, 2009

This is a late night "sneak Blog"

Robin will probably delete this blog when she wakes up early and sees this. So for you priveleged few I will attempt to enlighten you with an update on current events.

1. Cap and trade....This is nothing more than a well planned scheme to raise the fears of the sheep about "global warming". Over the past few years, and now, the liberal wolves and their lackeys, the main stream media, have indoctrinated us with the global warming...greenhouse effect nonsense and now they are frothing at the bit to reap their reward. If you have been duped into believing in global warming, then I suppose you may think that cap and trade is "wise". Shame on you. If we truly are destroying the environment why would we allow ANYONE to continue to do so? NPR (as liberal as they get) explained to me how this new policy will work.... if you make enough profit you can buy other businesses carbon credits and continue to pollute. Please...can you believe this line of thinking? If you have swallowed this el toro caca

then you ARE A SHEEP. This entire policy is nothing more than liberal socialist taking big government to another level.

We must stop the madness! Obama and his minions and the main stream media will move us closer to chaos than any administration prior to this one.

All you people who have voted for "hope and change" please take a realistic view at where we are now as a nation, and see the truth, don't continue to applaud the downfall of our great nation. QUIT BEING SHEEP!!!
Conservatively yours


A mom of many said...

Am I one of the special readers to view the sneak blog version of Robin's blog? I knew there was a reason to stay up late tonight! You all are a very fun family!

Titus2Mom said...

Great post, but who wrote it? Mr. White?

Cathy said...

And if you believe that Gore w/all his drivel about global warming is altruistic, then I have a house that has plummeted in value in
No CA to sell you.

Good point about allowing businesses to continue--despite the claim that our very existence is being threatened--if they have enough money to pay.

The sheep must be a mutation. I have knew sheep could have such vibrant colors!


Kathy @ Teaching Good Things said...

ahhh...I've missed your witty post!

Now let's be politically correct here, it is no longer "global warming", but CLIMATE CHANGE, since the earth has actually been cooling for 11 years ...ssshhh...don't tell the sheep, you'll confuse them.

btw, don't hide your post (light) under a bushel (Robin's sweet, let-all-play-nice-and-be-friends blog)...grant us an occasional vent on your own blog! This way Robin can rest peacefully and not worry about what surprises she'll find in the morning.



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