Monday, July 20, 2009

Colors on Canvas

Our family loves to paint and draw so we decided to spend 40.oo on canvas's and paint and do our own art work for our baby's room.
Scott came home with all the goodies and until 11.00 we painted and drew our heart's out.

This is Taylor's picture. She found this on Pottery Barn selling for 200.00 and she painted it for less than 5.00

This is Cooper's and Tuckers master pieces

This is Scott's art work..This one is above the baby's bed..So cute!!

This is my art work. I'm not a very good drawer so I found a book and used tracing paper...shhhhh don't tell anyone

The mess is cleaned up and all have fallen asleep..I have five new pictures in our baby room and I think we have a new hobby...:)


Titus2Mom said...

OK Those are so cute!!! For my mom's birthday we did the same thing! I will take pictures and show them to you !

Bria Cosper said...

What a good idea! Y'all are all so good at painting! Can't wait to see you Friday!


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