Monday, April 6, 2009

My prayer for today

Help me to walk the separated life with
firm and brave step
and to wrestle successfully against weakness;
Teach me to laud, adore, and magnify thee
with the music of heaven,
and make me a perfume of praiseful gratitude to thee...


mommyofmany said...


rcsnickers said...

did you write that? what a beautiful prayer!!!
Very much praying for you!!!!!!!!!!!

Just A Family said...

No Letisha, I didn't write that.
It came from Valley of Vision Puritan prayers.

Thank you all for your prayers....


Anonymous said...

In the hope that we have as members of the family of Christ, I pray that your hearts heal. I pray for your strength, and for the void. I weep for you. I rejoice in the love you have for Christ Jesus. Denise H.

From Five to Eight said...

I pray this blog will minister to you...Try to listen to Selah's new song called Unredeemed (April 5th post)
My prayers are with you.


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