Monday, April 13, 2009

One of my favorite boys and a day fishing

I took Coop fishing while the little ones took a nap and it sure is good to be alone with him.

He loves me so deeply and it comes so natural to him to make me laugh.

Today he asked me if I would keep his kids while he took his wife out.
I said "you better believe it."
He laughs when I tell him I'm going to live with him one day when I'm really really old. He says I can...

Coop is one of those boys that has a easy air about him.
I could spend hours just sitting and talking to him because he is a thinker.

We were reading a bio on Davy Crockett and it was said of him that he was a hard worker and cheerful.
If I had to sum up Coop in a couple of words that would do it.
He is willing and always ready to help you do Anything and he is cheerful while doing it.

He is loving and very affectionate...
He cries with me if I'm crying so I have to be very careful around him.. He worries about me.
He can tell when I'm upset and he will ask me "mom are you ok."

It is so much fun being his mom.
I love sharing his days with him.

I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for this little man.

7 comments: said...

You are blessed. I wish I had "a Cooper".

MamaHen said...

Those are great pictures and he sounds like a great son.

Olivia said...

Wrap him up! I'll take two!

jcw said...

He is one of my favorite nephews!

:) Julie

Anonymous said...

I just love Coop! He reminds me alot of Logan...we are so blessed!

Anonymous said...

Your description sounds so much like my son. I treasure him, such a blessing!

Anonymous said...

I think he is wonderful! Can you save him for one of my girls? ;-)


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