Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The blessing of three year olds..

Life with these two keep me busy.
I love their smile and watching them as they grow and learn.
I was telling a friend today that since losing Willy I have slowed way down in my thinking.
I want to play more and do less.
I want to savor every hug and kiss and smile they have to offer.
I want them to know that yes I miss Willy but I'm so happy I have them..
I will not and cannot be around these wonderful happy blessings and not feel blessed.

I will continue to trust in the Lord and be thankful for everyday.


MamaHen said...

THose aer great pics and what beautiful words.

Jeanette said...

Three year olds are GREAT!! :)

Still praying for ya'll!
Love you so much!

jcw said...

Ahhh! My two favorite 3 year olds!


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