Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mud fights

As a mom do we allow our boys to be rough and tough or do we mama them so bad
that they wont even go outside without us?

I think as moms we baby our boys to much....We do all of this in the name of just being a good mom..So what we have are little spoiled crying boys that don't resemble their father at all..

I know when Scott gets home and one of our boys is crying and pouting he doesn't think it's cute....

We have got to start raising up our strong arrows..

We as moms have to remember we are not doing our boys any favors when we
baby and coddle them.
Boys are meant to be rough and tough and yes dirty.

As our boys get older I realize how I need to let go and let Scott...
Sometimes I think Scott is harder on the boys then I would be and I have to remind myself that I don't want to raise up sissy boys...I want my sons to love being out doors..love getting dirty and love trying new things..Yes they will get bumps and bruising along the way but.....it's ok...their boys...
So What are some ways we can start doing this:

1-encourage your husband to wrestle with your boys...(mom you may have to go on a walk if you keep telling your hubby not to be so rough)Let him parent..He is a man and he can raise up our boys to be strong and tough..

2-When they do get hurt if dad is around let dad handle it...(mom you may have to go outside if you keep telling your hubby how to handle this)
We tend to over react...I know that's hard to read but it's the truth.....If hubby is not home. Be calm and if its bleeding just say ok lets go clean it up your ok.....Don't over-react
Be tough and keep your goal of raising a strong confident man in your mind.

3-Get rid of anything they are sucking on.....I'm not talking about a baby here.
I'm talking 3 or 4 year old..

4_Dress our boys like boys...........(mom you may have to go shopping to buy clothes that our boys can actual play in)

5_Read books and biographies about strong men and strong boys......

6_Books on tapes about cowboys..Lou La more is a Great one that we listen to during nap time or bed time..

7_read the stories in the bible about strong boys..David and Goliath.....

8- Let them get dirty. Plan ways for them to get dirty.Some boys hate getting dirty(Cullen) but do it anyway...Encourage but don't beg for them to participate.

9-Make them eat what you cook.(moms you may have to let them go to bed hungry one night but teach them that this life is not always going to be easy)

10-Tell them how tough they are. Our words will do wonders. Have your boys carry in the grocery's.(mom carry the bread yourself) but let your boys know you couldn't do it without them......

11-When hubby is away everyone around here knows that Tucker is the man of the house. He prays at meals and believe it or not he is instrumental in helping me with the little boys.
If their crying he will say "don't cry be tough" ......

Ok just a few of my suggestions Let me hear from you on things you do...
Be of good courage..We can raise up strong confident boys by God's grace and letting our husbands do their thing..


mommyofmany said...

I've never figured out why boys are so drawn to mud. I know they were made from dirt and all of that, but I'm still amazed at how messy they can get... and love it!

missy said...

oh friend, you are so right on with this one. i find it hard to be around sissy little boys who are constantly being coddled by mom. i love when sam comes in filthy and smelling like outside. kevin likes to include sam, not just in play, but in work. he is so proud after he has helped dad fix something and even walks a little taller.

one question for you though about the sucking thing, how do i get rid of the thumb? ha ha.

love you,

Daniel Smith said...

Good post! :D
The pictures are good too!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you! Good suggestions.

In Christ,
Rebekah H.

Anonymous said...

You are right, and thanks for blogging about it. When Greg is gone, even during our day, Tyler is the one I will turn to. I remind Joseph and Samuel that they are MEN! I like to think I am not raising "boys" I am raising "men!"

Love, Denise


Jeanette said...

I love this post!! The pictures are wonderful!! We have been praying for ya'll. You all mean so much to us. Keep praying for us too! :)
Love ya'll

S and K said...

I can't believe I forgot to comment on this AWESOME post. I have sent quite a few people here and it's such a blessing to be able to read it again and to be so encouraged.

Thanks again for posting!


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