Sunday, June 29, 2008

My rose colored glasses

A few things never to say to a adoptive mom...

"we could never do that"
"our extended family would never accept a black/brown/red/yellow child"
"expect problems"
"who will they marry"
"God didn't call us to adopt a black child /brown child/yellow child
"do you love them as much as you do your bio kids"

"Picture Jesus walking down the streets of Jerusalem. What moved
his heart? Where was his compassion revealed? What received most of
his attention? The needs of the poor, the down and out, the handicapped, the orphan, the prostitute and the widow.
Over and over again,this is where Jesus poured out his life.He didn't do this
out of duty or requirement. He didn't stop to ask what led the people to their place or need. He reached out because his heart was overflowing with compassion.
We are called to touch the untouchable And it is that very touch- a touch not unlike that offered by Jesus-that gives hope." Red Letters

Adopting a child is a walk of faith no matter where that child is from or how old that child is.
Our family was called to adopt from Africa now our family is called to adopt here in the states.
I don't think it matters what color or nationality you're adopting from.

He just asks us to help.

He just asks us to offer hope.

The Lord will work out the road ahead.

He has Joseph's life plan already worked out.

He knows all the answers to all the questions and He will give us each the strength and endurance to run the race he has put before us.
We will never have all the answers to all of our questions but I know the Lord is faithful..Adoption is a walk of faith but it keeps you leaning on the Father and that is always a GOOD thing.
So reach out and offer hope and don't be afraid. "If you only think about Jesus
believe Jesus and believe things about Jesus, not much new is going to happen.
It is the risk of "acting" like Jesus acted that reconfigures your soul. We are converted by new circumstances much more than by new ideas.Or as I like to say, we do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking." Tom Davis

So remember God won't hang you out to dry if you have a compassionate heart, because you're acting like the Father.......


Brandi said...

mmmm. . maybe your Joseph can marry my Gracie! Can Davis marry Channey? Then, we could do a double wedding! A mix race, world of wonderful with children who see others as Jesus does. . Children with a vision for the world and to serve the least of these as Jesus did. Why? because they saw it acted out. We cannot HOPE for our children to become what we ourselves are unwilling to be. THanks for being such a great example. You are a great mom and such a witness for the Lord, adoption and living the adventure!

I love you much,

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

I'm glad He gave Jo Jo to you...and us! :o)

missy said...

got another one for you: never refer to my bio children as "your own kids" and my adopted children as "your adopted children". They are all "my own"

Levi may fight Davis for Channey, but Beth definitely has dibs on Tucker :o)

Finally getting settled in. Can't wait for a visit.

Love you,

Heart4Adoption said...

Another encouraging post:) This road is not easy, but it is a beautiful walk of faith. Tanya

Unknown said...

I love this post!

Donna Barber said...

I think we could start a new yahoo group - I betrothed my daughter Gracie to Julie's Teddy. We would need to keep track of all of this! ha

S and K said...


Can't wait to meet you and can't wait to see you the Lord has in store for you!

I will say that I am feeling a little competitive and possessive b/c you already offered JoJo to Haddie. So, that is a done deal. Gracie will have to marry Jedidiah... we'll see.

Anyway, keep it up. You are such and encouragement and inspiration to me!



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