Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Getting the focus off ourselves and putting it to good use for others Part 3

When one of my kids is sick I take this time to teach my children
about the importance of serving. Our life is filled with ups and downs
and teaching our children to learn to cope during those down times is
a huge part of getting them to trust in the Lord.
All of my kids were a important part of Joesph's recovery. My older kids
took turns staying at the hospital with Jo and myself. Keeping him entertained
and holding him when he cried.
After he got home we couldn't go anywhere for 6 weeks and it was rough being in
the house and not being able to go and entertain during the Christmas holidays.
But it was something we all had to do as a family. It was not fun but so much of life
is not the high road. Teaching our kids to be happy and content in all seasons of life
is the gift.
I have met some people in my life who think that their children should be able
to enjoy their childhood without the responsibility of doing chores or helping
around the house or learning to take care of sick little brothers or sisters.
Their reasoning is that this is their season to have fun and be free and that its
not their responsibility but ours as parents.
I agree that it's not their responsibility , but I feel like I am doing my kids
an injustice if I don't teach them about life and about death and about hardships
or learning about rejoicing in the small victories that come our way..
If I only give them the good life they will struggle so much down the road when faced
with adversity.And they will have adversity..We all do.
I want my children to be a light..Now please understand My children are not perfect .
We struggle with attitudes and we struggle with obeying..We just like everyone else
have to stay committed to being consistent. Some days this is easier and others its hard but Scott and I are committed to making our kids understand that Christ has layed out a blueprint to follow and it's our job as parents to teach them to follow God..
To teach them to read the blue print.
Christ said we will have hardships, this is not our home. Our home is in heaven and only when we get there will we have a perfect life....


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