Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sick Babies!

The throwing up started at 9.oo last night. My sheets were stripped and a fresh new set put on baths were given and Scott and I took bets on who would get it next. You see when you have 6 kids it's a sure bet it doesn't stop with just one.
Little Joseph our tough Liberian threw up so bad but he was so tough..The only thing is Scott happened to be wrestling with all the boys and little Channie on our bed.
All I heard was "hurry get off the bed get in the shower it was a frantic kinda cry from Scott. I went into a MESS.... We take care of everything and get Jo settled and
I was holding him and singing to him on our bed and BAM! He threw up again.....All over our bed and me.At this point no clean sheets and poor Joesph was sick.Our sweet daughter Taylor felt so sorry for her little Hersey kiss and she played with him on his pallet by our bed and sang to him and made him feel comfortable. She could not and would not leave him until he was fast sleep. In the middle of the night we hear "mom Channie is throwing up" oh boy here we go..This morning Tucker grabs Channie and rocks her and comforts her while I'm doing other things. I didn't have to tell them to do this they just did it.God has given both of them such a heart for their siblings. I feel so blessed to have them helping me raise this little mob I call my family...


Brandi said...

Oh that brings tears to my eyes! How sweet are they?! I can't wait to meet them. . coming soon!

Love you,
PS Praying for rest and health, especially for you, Taylor and Tucker!

missy said...

Oh dear sweet Robin. Thanks for cancelling today :o)

How blessed you are to have such amazing children. I love them already.

I hope everyone heals quickly and it doesn't spread further.


missy said...

praying today is better for you.
love, missy


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