Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This is where we'll be soon

I know we are only 10-11 weeks along, but soon enough we'll be here(see pic below).

Can you believe that this beautiful picture of womanliness "belongs" to me?!!! This Lady knows that she will linger thru weeks of throwing up all day and waking up at night throwing up and feeling nauseated all day pretty much for the entire nine months. This Lady knows that but she still continues to see the blessing from God in this and she continues to see the vision of a large family that announces to the world that christianity still lives. She knows that even afterwards she will have a little person totally dependent upon her alone, that she is bringing another person into the world that will rely on her until the day she departs from this earth. Yet she chooses life, life for this child and life for the kingdom of God.


Anonymous said...

awesome post....!!! Wow!! We're with you on this!!! LOOOVE Voddie!! Love, Denise for the Horrocks'

Brandi said...

How sweet are you, Scott?!

I agree with you about this wonderful Lady! You've definitely got one that has her head on straight!

Rob, I love your enthusiasm and commitment to the Lord in the midst of trial or sickness. You are an encouragement and challenge to me often!

Love you,


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