Thursday, February 14, 2008

What does love look like?

If you had to put a face to love what would it look like. How would it feel?
I have decided that as I get older I realize it matters little to have my own way
if I have hurt the one I love..When Scott is wrong about something why do I make it
my job to prove that he is wrong. Is that what Love looks like? If my kids are having a bad day and getting into alot of trouble why do we pile on instead of grabbing them in in our arms and saying lets go get an ice-cream...Letting them see what Grace looks like Letting them see what love looks like.
We expect people to forgive us our faults and give us 2nd chances so easily but we
fail to give over our own rights just as easily.
I believe giving day after day is something love looks like. Reading that same book over and over just because. Smiling when your changing diapers and singing when you
wash the dishes.I believe love looks like your enjoying what your doing.
When my kids are sharp with one another I will often say "is that what love looks like?"I'm not trying to make them feel guilty I'm trying to help them see that Love
is a decision a look a word a stance..Love is a choice that you make in that split second on how you respond to your brother or sister mom or dad....anyone
I say to myself several times a day IS THIS WHAT LOVE LOOKS LIKE?
Having a large family is so wonderful. Yet putting on love everyday is hard.
Having everyones needs met before your own is tiring and it's living everyday
with the knowledge that being selfish is not an option.Not putting their faults out there for ALL the world to see..I have seen and heard people say some very mean and
hurtful words about their kids and spouses and I wonder if that's what love looks like. Would we honestly want everyone to know our every fault or weakness?
I think it's important that our children's difficulties be respected. Am I saying
that we shouldn't have Godly friends that we get counsel from? Not at all but make sure those friends are Godly and wont look at your children differently and that they
always point you up..Some people ruin their children's reputation by telling every single fault the kids have.Shame on us....Some women ruin their husband by telling
all the things he does wrong and then wonder why people don't respect him or why the kids don't respect him..

God calls us to die to ourselves and serve others. We are in a busy season of our life right now I try to encourage the kids and myself that this is just a season. ..What are we supposed to be learning? Will you have the look
of love in the end of this season or will you have the look of regret?
If your living out love if I'm living out love then I can almost guarantee we will
have no regrets.Very few anyway>>
I pray that on this Valentine that we can renew our determination that we will


Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

ahhh...wisdom from the wise!

The other day I had a youngin tattling on the other one. I had to remind her that she should be protecting her sibling, not looking for ways for her to get in trouble!

Love covers sin.

Thanks for posting! You're so on top of things! ;o)

missy said...

You've blessed and encouraged me once again my friend.

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...


Brandi said...

Hey, when are you going to post your 5 weird things?

Happy Birthday!! I'm late, I know! I just found out, from Taylor's blog!



Scott said...

Hey! Love looks like you!

You are one hot Mama!

Jeanette said...

This really blessed my heart!! I have so enjoyed reading your blogs they are very encouraging!!
Love ya and miss ya'll!


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