Friday, February 1, 2008

I want to say thanks to my dear hubby for keeping everyone well informed..
It's so funny how we blog differently but I'm grateful for his view and for his
apparent love for me...I'm a lucky woman.
I have been very nauseated over the past few weeks and still am but there is
great comfort when my man comes home and his presence is all that is needed
to raise my spirits...At night when I puke he always wakes up (like he has a choice)
and rubs my back..My pregnancies are not good but we both know the blessing
that comes at the end.

I wanted to just say a few words about my wonderful son Jo. I can't believe that
God picked us to be this little fellows mom and dad..He is such an inspiration and
joy to be around. He is always smiling and loves to give kisses to everyone.....
He has fit so easily into our family that I can't begin to tell you how we would
do it all over again in a second. Some people have asked me how in the world I'm
going to handle having a new baby now with having Jokey home and I just smile and
know that God has had all of this planned..
I know alot of you think we're some kinda crazy people for having so many children
but I just want to say in our defense that we do feel "crazy" alot of the time
but we feel like we're the most Loved crazy people in the world......There is something about having a large family that you get to a point that you feel
sorry for people who only have one or two because it's alot more fun with 6.....


Brandi said...

How sweet! I love how content you are in God's plan even when you're sick!

Love ya,

Amber G. said...

I feel the same way about Henry... I can't imagine life without him!

I am sorry you are so sick... I will keep praying that it gets better this time! But you are right -- what an incredible blessing in the end!


I can't WAIT until we have six (or more!) kids!! :) I love all your stories about your large family. What an blessing children are.

Jamie said...

How amazing that the Lord has blessed you with another pregnancy! I have some friends that had a vas. and then a reversal. She's pregnant with her third since (although she also miscarried one). So they have three teenage daughters and they'll have three little ones! How blessed!

I feel your pain with pregnancy sickness. I am battling it right now as I type. I'm trying to be thankful through it all, but it is hard when you feel so miserable. Congrats!


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