Monday, October 15, 2007

Stop and consider God's wonders. Job 37:14

If God gave me nothing else he has given me already so much. My kids are such a joy to me. I love homeschooling them and being around them all day. When I stop and consider God's wonders in my life these little souls take my breath away. I would trade nothing for my days. Getting up to the sound of laughter and going to sleep with the sound of "your my best mama". Who deserves that? Not I.
I was getting clothes out of the dryer and Cullen and Channie got in the dryer...Can you imagine being so small.. After I took their picture I told them the danger of doing that but I thought how much longer would they as brother and sister be able to fit in my dryer...

Everyday the boys bring me flowers. They come from my garden or the pasture but I have little flowers laying all over my house on a daily bases. The other day Coop walks in and says "mom I have a flower for you" I busted out laughing(see picture below) I could not believe how loved I felt.

This rainbow was the view from our front porch last weekend. Cullen was blown away by this sight..I was too..

I love my life and I love my Lord and I praise his name for these little beings that I get to call my children,my blessings, my friends.

So today, I have considered God's wonders and I praise his name for his perfect will for my life...


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missy said...

Amen Robin. I couldn't agree more, we are so very blessed to be loved so much, not only by our children, but by our wonderful Lord who blesses us in so many little ways each and every day. I'm sure we fail to recognize many of them because we are so darn busy or self absorbed. Thanks for the reminder to stop and look for God. I am glad your dad is improving, he has been in my prayers. Love, Missy (aoh mamma)


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