Monday, October 1, 2007

A Joesph shower

I'm so excited my church is having us a Joesph baby shower on Saturday.
They have been so supportive of our adoption. I can't wait for Joesph
to meet all of these wonderful people. They pray for him every Sunday and I know
he will be loved and accepted when he gets here.
We have not heard anything today. I was hoping for some news on his pass-port but nothing so far. There is always tomorrow. I have felt better today than I have in a few days. These shots and pills are rough. I can't wait until I'm through with all of the Typhoid pills for some reason I feel very sick the day after I take them. I know all of this will be worth it when I hold his sweet little body in my arms..
I have bought him a ton of snacks hoping that he will like me for my sweets.:)
He has soooo many clothes and shoes I can't decide what to take.
I have thought about doing cloth diapers because that is what he is used to but everyone thinks I've lost it. It never hurts to try something new.
Well, I'm off to bed my days have seemed lonnnnger. Time has slowed way down.
Kinda like your 9 months pregnant and waiting to deliver and it seems like it will never get here.


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MamaHen said...

Hey Robin, This is Wendy - Rebekah's friend. I love to look at your blog because I get so see Sweet Baby Joseph! He is precious!So excited about your baby shower. That will be fun. Wendy


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