Thursday, October 25, 2007

We got our I600 approval..

Our Senators office called this afternoon and said that INS had just
called her and said that our I600 had been approved and mailed out.
I started crying. She was just saying how happy she was for us..
It was such a surprise because we had been told that it would be next week.
Now we are waiting on Acres Of Hope to call us and let us know how his
visa apt went today. I'm sure it will be tomorrow before we find out anything.
I pray it went well.
I'm very close to leaving on an airplane and I can't wait to go to Africa and
see my little boy.....



S and K said...

PRAISE THE LORD... what an answer to many many prayer!
Such good news.
Glad to hear you are finally traveling!!!
Yes, Handful (Haddie) is in the special needs nursery!
Please give her a kiss for me!

Thanks for all the prayers!
Love ya,

~tmc~ said...

I'm so happy to hear that you are getting ready to travel soon!! Congratulations!!


MamaHen said...

Robin, so happy for you! Wendy Clark


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