Friday, October 12, 2007

My Dad

Well I thought I would throw a quick up date on my dad.
He is some better. His talking has improved and he seems
to know where he is now.
I talked to him about coming and putting his travel trailer
on the front of our property for a while. I know he has along
way to go before that happens but I wanted to give him something
to look forward to.
He looked half way interested.He was worrying about paying me rent.
I would be so happy if he got better and lived out the remainder of his
life here. He could be the grandpa my kids have never had and take them
fishing and stuff. I know I know I'm dreaming.....I don't want to put pressure
on him or anything but I sure would like for him to start a new life. Why not start
a new life with me...It was really nice walking out of the hospital with a hope
that he might be ok.


1 comment:

Welcome to Jen said...

I am praying for you and your Dad Rob!!

Love ya,



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